The Basics:

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I’m Zeke, a Portland State University Honors College graduate with a BS in psychology. I’m using my degree to help people like you make changes in their lives as an online behavioral life coach. My focus is on changing habits and lifestyles, whether you want to start exercising, learn to study, and quit procrastinating. Maybe you want improve your job, expand your social life, or find a date; I've helped people do all three. I'm queer-friendly, trauma-informed, and have worked with neurodiverse and mentally ill populations. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and autism have been struggles for past clients and I understand what it takes to break though those barriers.

I believe in the process I use because I haven't just used it with others, I've used it with myself. The strategies I want to teach you are the ones that helped me finish my thesis (a PTSD treatment metareview), write a novel (400 pages in 4 months), start working out (I don't hate it anymore, and I've lost 40 pounds this year!), and even ask that co-worker out (she said no, but I'm glad I tried).

When you hire me, you’re hiring someone who’ll help you create a real plan and see it through. I work over Skype, Discord, and Facebook, via voice, video, or messaging. Payment plans are available, and students get half off of all rates.

If your life got weird and you're ready to make a change, contact me here or reach me on Facebook.

The Newsletter:


Don't you hate those pop ups when you load a page or you're in the middle of an article? Me too, so I'm putting a subscription form here instead. I'll send occasional articles, thoughts, links, and special offers, but I won't share or sell your information - ever.

The Details:

The average program takes four to twelve weeks, depending on the complexity of the goal. Everything starts with an assessment of your goal, steps you've taken toward it, and a behavioral baseline. From there, we'll create steps to get you where you want to be, and we'll keep collecting data so you can see your successes and fix any stumbles. Services usually end once you're making steady progress toward your goal, but some people prefer to make short check-in appointments until they've reached it. I'm here to do what works best for you.

I'm available for appointments seven days a week, with my normal hours between 7PM and 12AM, Pacific Time (-8 GMT/GDT). If you're not sure if my services are right for you, check out my FAQ, read some testimonials, or write me for a free consultation. Payments are handled via Paypal and Facebook, but in special circumstances I can accept a check. Sessions can be pre-paid, billed, or paid in installments (because most of us aren't made of money).

The Price:

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Live chat (e.g. Skype, Facebook Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger): $100 per hour, baseline, booked in 15 minute increments. Text coaching is my standard method - it's best for people with time who prefer to have a written record to refer to, have executive dysfunction, are in a noisy environment, or just want the privacy.

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Voice/video (e.g. Skype, phone): $120 per hour, baseline, booked in 15 minute increments.

Phone and video coaching are good options for someone who needs direct interaction, a more engaged option than instant message or email.

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Email or other asynchronous communication: $60 per hour, invoiced by 5 minute increments.

Coaching via email is a great option for those who are on uncertain schedules or only have short blocks of time. Charges calculated per five minutes of response time.

The Rest:

All prices in USD and include incidental contact - if you need clarification, a quick bit of advice, or help with something that's been discussed in a session, you're covered. If it's a more complicated question or situation then email rates will apply (but I'll let you know first).

If you're experiencing financial hardships or are a student, I offer discounted rates based on your need. Payment plans are also available - I know what it's like to need a service but not have the money on hand.

Ready to make a change?

or message me on Facebook and to set up a free consultation.

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