Who are you?

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Well, I'm Zeke. I'm a psychology grad working my way into grad school. I graduated cum laude from the Portland State University honors college with a bachelor of science, double majoring in psychology and university honors (an urban studies program). I supplemented those majors with a big dose of women, gender, and sexuality studies; a thesis on PTSD; and I worked in the Women's Resource Center for three years.

I'm also an autistic 34 year old Scots-Irish-Cherokee night owl who went to college late (after dropping out in my early 20s), has been through multiple jobs in dying markets (construction, journalism, video rentals for a company that had already filed bankruptcy), and has experience as a TA for the year-long Portland State University behavior modification sequence. I've been a retail clerk, and journalist, a construction worker, and an airline ramp agent before going to college.

In other words, I'm someone who's had to fight to get here, knows what it's like to struggle, and who knows that it's possible to get to a better place in life. I'm also someone who knows that happiness can only be defined by the person seeking it, be it a higher paying job, a bad habit left behind, a chance to work on your art, or even tossing the salary for the ability to sleep in.

What do you do?

I help you make lasting changes with methods based on operant and classical conditioning. Yes, really! If you're familiar with applied behavioral analysis, dialectical behavior therapy, or cognitive behavior therapy, you know this is the basis of most modern psychological methods, and it's the same framework I use as a life coach.

Together, we'll find out what's getting in your way and create a plan of action to deal with it, adjusting it as needed to ensure its efficacy. We'll work together to figure out what works for you. Once the plan is working and you're making stable progress, I send you on your way. No three month packages, just the time it takes to get it done.

Why should I hire you?

I've been there, and I've helped other people who've been there too. As a TA for the PSU behavior mod sequence, my responsibilities included not only teaching the academic theory, but helping people create their own behavioral plan - the same as I'd done for myself when I took the class! I don't just tell you what to do, I help you understand what makes the methods work so you can make meaningful, lasting change, and to I'll help you create (and modify) a plan to get there.

I work from an intersectional feminist philosophy, recognizing the issues of race, gender, and sexuality that influence our lives. I have experience working with trauma and an understanding of how it affects us on a day to day level, and how sometimes we have to work around it before we work through it.

I'm queer friendly, sex work friendly, pagan friendly, disability friendly, and trauma friendly.

What makes you different?

A man with his arms raised over his head in triumph, standing on a cliffYou, too, can be in a stock photo for success.

I don't have an agenda besides helping you reach your goal. None of that 'if you're unhappy it's because you choose to be unhappy!' crap, no trying to get you to buy my book that you already know is just a ripoff of The Secret, no suggesting you read The Secret and self-actualize into your personal ideal. I definitely won't push any Freud on you - you've probably had enough of that pseudoscientific mess anyway. I'm here to help you find concrete solutions and definitive steps to meeting your goal, whatever it is.

I'm also available at night, and I usually work via Skype or your preferred instant messenger (even email if you like). That means I'm uniquely able to accommodate you if you have issues hearing or understanding speech, memory issues that are best served by having a written record, phone anxiety, or even just a lack of privacy.

How much does it cost?

My baseline rates are $100 per hour for live text, $120 per hour for voice or video, booked in 15 minute increments. Text is cheaper because people tend to type slower than they talk, so I want to make sure it's a fair price.

Email, text messaging, or other asynchronous text is $60 per hour, accrued in five minute increments while I'm responding.

All of my prices are in USD and include incidental contact - short emails for clarification, simple questions, that kind of thing. If it's more detailed, standard rates apply; I'll warn you first.

Payment plans are available, as are discounts for those enduring financial hardship. I'm not made of money, I don't expect you to be either. If you're a student (verified via a .edu email address generally), all rates are half off.

Ready to make a change?

or message me on Facebook and to set up a free consultation.

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