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Lucille T:

"I met with Zeke once a week for nine months while I was completing my thesis, volunteering as a support advocate for survivors of assault, and applying to graduate school programs. Zeke helped me break my thesis down into manageable tasks and stay connected with why I had chosen to research my topic. As a member of the helping professions himself and as someone familiar with issues related to trauma, Zeke has a particular talent for 'helping the helpers'. He offered a confidential space for me to debrief some of the vicarious trauma I encounter in my work and to develop self care plans for making this work sustainable, as well as for coping with the uncertainty of a major life transition. Not only did I complete the work I needed to that year and get into the program of my choice, but I felt like I was able to get much more out of the process because of Zeke's encouragement and support. I would recommend Zeke wholeheartedly to anyone. Unlike some other life coach or motivational services, you do not need to have defined quantifiable goals to benefit from Zeke's approach. His style is very flexible and personalized, so whether you have well-defined goals or something vague along the lines of 'get through this while taking care of myself', Zeke will be an excellent resource for you."

Madeline D:

"Zeke is a great listener and makes you feel validated when you confide in him. He won't bullshit you, he'll just give it to you straight. If you're pondering a tough decision or struggling with a life change, he's a great resource. When I need advice, Zeke's who I turn to!"


"Zeke is not only immensely patient and considerate, but also is familiar with and has a great understanding of the struggles people have with a history of abuse and manipulation, sexual assault, alcoholism, and executive dysfunction as is my case. As a person struggling with drinking and severe depression and battling PTSD from multiple abusers as well as working against the routine and frustrating mess of ADD... Zeke has been a rock for me. Zeke is reliable and trustworthy and consistent. Zeke is not flakey and he is anything but pretentious which is also very important to me. Growing up I didn't have much, I still don't. Yet I don't feel unwelcome or uncomfortable when we talk. Zeke just creates this very genuine and sincere atmosphere you dont get a lot of other places. I've seen professionals and talked to other people and the environment is always stiff and pretentious and I feel like I'm more being used for cash than I'm being helped and supported. I've just quit because of this. But that isn't the case with Zeke. When I met him I felt like Zeke genuinely cared and now from experience I can back that up. In all honestly I have survived and I am here right now because of Zeke. I'm about a month sober, and I am extremely thankful and blessed to have known Zeke as I do. I cannot stress enough how big of a positive influence he has been for me."

Sarah C:

"I could not have survived the last several years without Zeke's help and insight. I have struggled to manage anxiety, depression and other PTSD related issues for years. He has helped me to understand how my various problems are often interconnected and feed off of each other. Also, he has taught me invaluable coping skills which have made my life easier. I'm far more capable of managing stress, anxiety and depression than I used to be; and I feel more confident going forward as I try to reconstruct my life, using the tools he has provided me with."


"In the past few years that I've known Zeke, I've found him to be one of the most trustworthy people I've ever met. He'll meet you where you are and is genuine and accommodating in his support. Whether you come to him to vent, plan, process feelings, make a decision, or just get some validation, Zeke is great at making people feel understood and empowered. I tend to be hesitant to ask people for help because sometimes it seems like they aren't really listening or they have their own agenda. With Zeke that's never the case. I know I can go to him with a problem and he will be open to hearing my perspective and helping me work through issues on my terms. If you're looking for someone who can give you the support you want (not just the support they think you need), I would absolutely recommend you talk to Zeke."


"I was having a really tough time processing what I didn't know was past trauma, at the time. I was having a lot of night terrors and horrible dreams. My depression and anxiety was spiraling out of control, and I wasn't on medication yet. I knew Zeke was a Psychology major, and it turned out he was kind enough to help me process my stress, with his knowledge of the field. He ended up really helping me figure out why I wasn't sleeping peacefully, and walked me through some of the Psychology behind dreams. His words were extremely helpful, as he is a fountain of knowledge on the subject. I would recommend him to anyone."


"Zeke has been my friend and confidante for years. When I have a problem that I can't admit to anyone else, be it serious or trivial, I know that I can still turn to him for help or even just an ear that is both unbiased and non-judgemental. He listens patiently, ready with advice that is always tailored to me - conscious of my own ethics, position and personal hurdles in life. His approach is gentle and focused on personal growth, his methods grounded behavioural psychology. I respect him as a fellow scientist, and I personally am better for having known him."

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